Pink Kitchens

Pink interiors have become more prominent in recent years. We are accustomed to pink interiors being full of luxury and glamour. Interiors such as ‘The Gallery’ within sketch London use different shades of pink that marry together to create a beautifully timeless space that feels so opulent. One way they created such an air of elegance was the use of pink tones with gold accents. Including gold accessories in your kitchen with a pink door creates a beautiful space that oozes luxury.

One thing we worry about when in the market for a new kitchen is our kitchens going ‘out of fashion’. Colour is a big factor when trying to decide whether we think our kitchen will last the test of time. Our pink door is known as Doll, it comes within our Vard, contemporary shaker range, and Jasper, our matte handless range. Both doors can be repainted/sprayed if you did decide to change your mind. We know you will fall in love with it so much you will never need to worry about that

On reason you should invest in a pink kitchen is because in colour psychology pink has a calming effect. Pink is also a sign of hope, something that we all need a little bit of right now! Pink evokes a warm and comforting feeling which is exactly the type of feelings we want to share with the people coming into our homes. Having a nice cuppa with your best friends around your island will only feel that much more soothing surround by your doll units.

If a full pink kitchen isn’t your thing, combining pinks with different colours can be used to create a two-toned kitchen, giving you a slice of daring without the full commitment. You could do that by having a different colour base and wall cabinet or creating coloured zones, like having a pink island with other colours around the kitchen.

Our Doll can be paired with lighter colours such as Chalk and Tusk. Both colours will soften the space and create an inviting yet interesting look. A current trend would be to pair Doll with another pastel colour such as our baby blue, otherwise known as sky. The colour combination creates a fresh and open feel within the space. Additionally, you could also pair Doll with darker colours such as Onyx and Moon, creating depth and a sense of dimension in the space

There are so many other cool and clever ways to bring a little bit of pink into our homes. Introducing a pink tile injects a bit of colour into your space. They can be paired with a lighter cabinet colour or a darker one depending on your own preference. They can be used in any room in the house, paired with a marble effect tile they would look beautiful in a bathroom too.

You could also opt for pink appliances, there are an array of smaller pink appliances whether that be kettles, toasters, mixers, or you could go for daring pink fridge. Either way they can spice up what could potentially be a muted kitchen just to add a little colour and excitement.

You can get unique appliances like this Smeg kettle on If you were to purchase your kitchen with us at Smile you would get 10% off all your kitchen appliances bought on That only makes everything sweeter!

Mixing pink cabinetry with black and white accent colours also creates the ultimate retro style kitchen. Pairing Jasper doll with a chequered tile or black and white art will create your own LA diner fantasy in the middle of rainy Bolton.

There are so many ways to make pink work if you’re brave enough to try!  

If you would like to get started on a pink kitchen of your own contact us on 0333 015 6515 or visit our Contact us page and one of our designer will be back in touch with you! Let us know how you feel about pink kitchen on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook