Style Steal

Social media influencers and celebrities are usually the first place we all go to for inspiration, whether that is their latest new pair of shoes, their home décor or even what they ate for dinner the night before… I mean who doesn’t want to live the same lifestyle as a celeb?

Our home is where we spend the majority of our time, especially for people who work from home (like all of us at Smile kitchens!) so why not get inspired and make it feel like we are living in our own celebrity inspired home?

That is why we are deciding to take a sneak peek into celebrities’ homes and seeing how we can live the lavish life for less!

Kim Kardashians kitchen is the epitome of tranquillity. The wooden doors combined with the warm and neutral earthy toned worktop and walls is a match made in heaven! The kitchen is so simple, yet it has such a big impact! The minimalism of clean cut lines and empty worktops just instantly creates a show stopping design that we are all envious of…I wonder if the inside of the cupboards are just as organised as the rest of the kitchen?

The good thing about Kim K’s kitchen being so simple is that it is also so easy to recreate in your own home! You can create a really similar look with our natural wood effect door called ‘Fin’. Depending on your budget and how you use your kitchen a great alternative for Kim’s worktop is ‘Fossil’ by Minerva; if you would like to go for a cheaper alternative our ‘Crema Limestone’ laminate worktop would also look perfect!

‘’ If it is good enough for Kim Kardashian, it is definitely good enough for me!’’

Fearn, Kitchen Designer

Unless you have been living off the grid for the last 2 years either yourself, your friends or your partner has probably seen the inside of Mrs Hinch’s home, especially her spotless kitchen!

Mrs Hinch’s kitchen is so lovely and homely, from the little space under the counter for her dog to sleep (also known as Henry) to the finishing touches of personal décor on her shelves.

The grey shaker door creates a modern day timeless and traditional kitchen design. It is hard not to love such a classic kitchen style, it just feels like home.

If you have always looked at Mrs Hinch’s squeaky clean kitchen and dreamt of having one just the same in your own home, then we have good news…you can! Our Hjerte range in ‘Tusk’ is the perfect match to steal Mrs Hinch’s style! To finish off the look, pair it with Minerva’s ‘Sparking White’ worktop or our ‘Snow White’ laminate worktop. Add a couple of wooden shelves and some plants and that is it, you are now practically living in Mrs Hinch’s home! (We cant promise it will be as squeaky clean though!)

Here at Smile Kitchens, we are always on the lookout for the latest trends, all of us are obsessed with interior design after all!

Not only will your kitchen look fit enough for a celebrity, we will make you feel like one too! Each customer will have their very own qualified interior designer design their own bespoke kitchen for them. If you see anything you like from doors, worktops and handles, let us know and we can recreate exactly what you have in mind! We will also send any samples out to you completely free!

If you would like to get started on your very own Style Steal contact us on 0333 015 6515 or visit our Contact us page and one of our designer will be back in touch with you! You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook