Party Kitchen

We all know the best parties end up in the kitchen

It has been said that after the pandemic we are in for a decade full of prosperity, growth and fun. After the past 18 months we are all ready to let loose and reconnect with the things that bring happiness and joy!

A huge part of that is being with the people we love. The time is fast approaching when we can finally open our homes again and invite our nearest and dearest back! This may fill you with absolute joy, but it also may fill you with the sprinkle of dread knowing that your kitchen isn’t quite set for the party.

Have no fear, we at Smile have done all the hard work and come up with some top tips on how to make the ultimate party kitchen….

Firstly, we all know the best parties happen in the kitchen, so make sure you have all the essentials at hand, and they have a home for the evening.  An island or a large peninsular is obviously the best choice to display lots of yummy food and drinks, but if you don’t have the space just dedicate a part of the kitchen for food to be served and drinks to be poured. Having a specific area will mean guests know where to go to find what they are looking for helping them feel more relaxed and at home.

A large fridge to keep all the premade food and drinks is always useful, but if you don’t have a fridge big enough you can always set up with a couple of cooling boxes to keep things chilled until ready to serve. Smart storage is vital in any kitchen, so use the space well to make sure that not only can you be super organised, but also keep everything tucked away. Our pocket door systems offer an amazing way to create lots of sleek storage where everything can be concealed but easily assessed, perfect for creating the ultimate party snack spot.

We all love a good chat at a party and now more than ever, so make sure you have either seating or perch areas that people can tuck away into for a catch-up without getting in the way of the other guests. If you need additional chairs, always opt for a folding option so they can be simply packed away when the kitchen disco dance floor calls.

Creating the perfect party atmosphere can be really enhanced by the lighting used in your kitchen. Stay away from having all the lights on and opt for your undercabinet lights and a few floor or table lights on. This will keep the atmosphere nice and relaxed, meaning that your guest will feel just that. Be careful to make sure it’s not too dark though, as the last thing you want is Julie from number 28 pouring herself a large fairy liquid instead of a G&T!

Now, although we love having all our favourite people back in our homes, we do need to keep the place intact for the next day. A great tip is before the party starts put anything away that you worry could be broken. A large larder unit can be perfect for hiding that beloved vase or kitchen aid. Plus, we always have that one trusty kitchen drawer that get’s literally everything put in it. Just don’t forget where you put everything as you could be scratching your head for months to come looking for the toasty machine.

Finally, think about the acoustic in the room, don’t forget to switch off all your washing appliances so that the spin cycle doesn’t get confused for the bridge of your favourite song and always make sure the music is on. The perfect level should be loud enough for the you to be able to recall the song, but quiet enough so that you aren’t either shouting or invading each other’s personal space!

We hope that these small tips really help you to get back into the party spirit. If you want to learn more about how Smile Kitchens can help design the ultimate party kitchen, get in touch today! Contact us on 0333 015 6515 or visit our Contact us page and one of our designer will be back in touch with you! Let us know how you feel about inviting family and friends back into your kitchen on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook