How Storage Solutions Can help Reduce Waste

Our kitchens are the heart of the home and with that comes the need to store a lot of different things ranging from food to homeware such as glasses and plates. It’s no surprise that it can get unorganised pretty quickly!

Food Wastage

Did you know that the UK wasted over almost 4 million tonnes of food in 2020 and the majority of that came from our homes? According to ‘Which?’ this costs the average family £840 a year on wasted food alone!

Any food waste that we do create would often break down and disintegrate, unfortunately this isn’t the case as most food waste is often taken to landfill in our plastic bin bags which will never breakdown and decompose completely. A great way to help reduce the amount of plastic in our landfills is to make the switch to compostable bin bags or to create an at home compost bin to help create lots of nutritious compost for your garden and house plants!

Too Good To Go

A company that is trying to battle food wastage is ‘Too Good To Go’. It is a free app that lets you rescue surplus, unsold food from shops and restaurants. It’s all in the name of fighting food waste: simply download the Too Good To Go app, see which businesses near you have surplus food, then buy a ‘MagicBag ‘of surprise, unsold items for a great price, and pick them up at the time set by the store. Since 2016, Too Good To Go users have saved 4.4million Magic Bags of food from being thrown away across the UK.

Let’s Get Organised!

The first great tip to getting your kitchen organised is to have a complete spring clean of your cupboards and start fresh! Make sure to check all of your food’s sell by dates and throw anything away that have expired…I know that we are all guilty of having that can of baked beans from 2011 stashed away at the back of the cupboard!

This is also a brilliant way of really rummaging through your cupboards and finding any hidden gems that you thought you might have lost! There is nothing worse than losing your favourite mug or pan just to find it down the back of a cupboard a couple of years later

“I am definitely guilty of having a junk draw in my kitchen…I couldn’t even tell you what was in there other than the takeaway menu!”

– Fearn, Kitchen Designer at Smile Kitchens

Now that we have decided what we are keeping from our kitchens, it’s time to get organised! Storage solutions play a vital part in our kitchens and makes everyday life just that little bit easier!

Storage Solutions

There is a solution for every kitchen ranging from our simple plate organiser to a tall butler’s pantry. All of these solutions help us to really optimise our kitchen space to its absolute full potential and make it a really enjoyable place to be. If this is something you are interested in, make sure to contact us for a completely free kitchen design by one of our experienced designers. Some of our storage solutions are below so you can see how they can be utilised and we can all dream of having them in our kitchens.

Below we have our corner optimiser, perfect for any corners that are harder to reach. We also have our larder tower which allows for the perfect use of drawers to organise all your food and accessories. Keeping food organised means there is less wastage and keeps our kitchens looking modern and sleek. Storage solutions can be utilised in most kitchens and make even the smallest of kitchens feel full to the brim! 

Adding any dry food you may have such as rice, pasta or cereal into a glass jar is the perfect way to not only make an aesthetically pleasing display but also a way of getting super organised. This way you can see all of your food and know when you need to top up as well as saving the planet and avoiding any BPA from plastics.

Having all your food neatly organised and visible to you makes, which can be done perfectly with out base pull out, makes such a huge difference on how we use our kitchens on a regular basis. It not only makes cooking more enjoyable, but it also massively helps reduce any waste and saves you money (and impresses any guests!)

If you would like to find out how you can maximise the space in your kitchen, get in touch today! Contact us on 0333 015 6515 or visit our Contact us page and one of our designer will be back in touch with you! Let us know how you feel about inviting family and friends back into your kitchen on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook