Back to Black: Why being brave with your finishes can elevate your interiors

For years, we have focused on light, bright, minimalist interiors with little reference to deeper shades. But in recent times something has changed….

We stopped seeing dark colours as depressive, sombre colours and instead we replaced that thought with a strong courageous narrative that makes dark tones not just a statement, but an act of rebellion. 

Deep forest Green and Inky grey shades are reinventing themselves into striking, powerful colours than can bring both warmth and richness to our homes. Darker shades can be used to create immense backdrops to our interiors by creating a focal point to showcase a space. Be that by wall coverings, signature furniture pieces or entire kitchens. 

The use of darker cabinets within a kitchen can create an incredible look. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are very versatile as darker colours work with pretty much any finish. As you can see with our Fnissa range which we have designed with a selection of different materials to create an exciting yet practical kitchen space. 

Being paired with natural wood or stone such as marble, creates a contrast in both a visual and tactile way. Not only will the deeper finishes allow the textures of the natural finishes to stand out, but they also compliment them in a way that makes them look and feel different compared to when they are designed in a lighter look. Darker finishes can simply transform not just a space but the look of other materials around them, by simply create a different context for them to sit in. Which isn’t something all finishes can do in such a dramatic way. 

Although the darker colours are considered a more contemporary choice, used on a more traditional door can create a timeless look. Our Vård and Hjerte ranges are great examples of this and look simply stunning in any setting.