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Are you a British or Swedish company?

We’re a 100% British company, but like that big blue and yellow company you’re thinking of, we draw loads of inspiration from the Scandavian way of life. We absolutely love the concept of Hygge (it does literally translate as fun after all!) and we’re all about warm, cosy kitchens.


We’re a unique, independent company, putting the smile back into kitchen design – and you never need to leave your home. Would you still be smiling after weeks spent wandering showrooms?

How long have you been open?

We opened the doors to our new way of designing and supplying kitchens in 2020 (though we’d been putting the groundwork in a long time before that). Our team has decades of experience in kitchen design, and our founder has been working with kitchens for so long, he’s become a permanent fixture.

Where are you based?

Our designers work from home, so you might be chatting to them in Newcastle or Newquay, Kent or Kendal. Our HQ is in Greater Manchester.

Do you supply appliances?

We don’t currently supply appliances, and there’s a really good reason why. We’re brilliant at designing kitchens, but not so good at manufacturing washing machines and fridges. So let’s leave that to the appliance experts.


Our designers will help you create the perfect appliance-shaped gaps in your custom kitchen design, and our partners at AO.com will happily fill them. And because we work closely together, you’ll get a lovely 10% discount off any and all appliances you fancy.

How do I know my new/existing appliances will fit into my kitchen design?

Easy! We’ll tell you. We’ll check for you. And then we’ll double check. We’ve been doing this a long time, and we know how the vast majority of appliances are sized (they’re actually all fairly standard).


But just to be certain – send us the measurements of your appliances (or just the model number and we’ll go Googling to get the details) – and we’ll make sure they fit snugly into your new kitchen designs.

Do you supply and fit kitchens?

Yes and no. We supply all the kitchen furniture you need to transform your room – from cupboards and handles to worktops, sinks and taps.


We then work with your chosen fitters – any trusted local installer you’d like  – sharing everything they need, all the small details to support your fit every step of the way.


We deliver your new kitchen, then work hand in hand with your fitter to make sure everything goes super smoothly.

What range of worktops do you offer?

The real question here is “what type of worktop would you like?” We stock a huge range of worktops in a laminate and Minerva but if you’ve love a super sleek Quartz top or a rustic wooden counter, we’ve got great supply partners to bring you any type of worktop you’d like.

Where do your names come from for your kitchen ranges?

If you hadn’t guessed yet, we absolutely love the concept of Hygge and the Danish approach to warm, cozy living. So we draw on all those Scandavian influences to name our kitchen ranges.


Don’t worry, we still don’t really know how to pronounce Hygge (Higgy? Huggy? Hyoo-guh?), so we’re happy to go with whatever you call our range – we’ve heard every variation (and every one sounds wonderful!)

Do your units come supplied rigid or flat packed?

A great question, because you’ll be wondering how much space you need to make for the delivery (and how much work your fitter might need to do).


Almost all our units are supplied rigid and ready to fit. You’ll need to have a good amount of space ready for the units, but your fitter won’t have to build any flatpacks. We do have one L-shaped unit which isn’t rigid, but we’ll let you know if it’s one you’ve ordered.

Do you offer bespoke sized units/doors?

We’ve got such an extensive range of kitchens that we’ve never found the need to offer bespoke size units. When we design you a completely bespoke kitchen, we make sure everything fits snug as a bug.

Do you offer guarantees on your kitchens?

Absolutely. We want you to have complete peace of mind with our kitchens. So they all come with a 10 year guarantee, simple as that. If you have any issues at all, just give us a ring.

Is your design process free?

Yep, 100%, completely, totally free. We’ll design your whole kitchen and help you transform the entire room to realise its full potential. Our designers will even give your wonderful ideas on flooring, wall colours and interior decor!


And you won’t pay a penny until your new kitchen is delivered.

Do you offer an at home measuring service?

We don’t currently have a home measuring service, but we do have wonderful designers who help walk you through the whole process to measure your kitchen yourself. And then we’ll ask your fitters to double check and verify all those measurements themselves too, just to make sure.


Any professional fitter will want to take their own measurements so we verify every inch.


Only when you’re happy, your fitter’s happy and we’re happy, do we move ahead with the order process.

What if I have measured wrong?

We’ll be double and triple checking every measurement, so don’t worry. Your chosen fitter will want to measure everything themselves too (if they don’t, we’ll give them a nudge), and then any measurements that were a bit skew-whiff, we’ll rejig the designs and update the quote. No worries at all.

Why do I need a Zoom call?

So you can design your dream kitchen in your pyjamas? So you can browse brilliant new kitchens without leaving your current one (and sneak whatever snacks you like)? So you can get to know our amazing designers one on one?


All great reasons why we like to have a Zoom call with you. Most importantly, a video call helps us get to know each other and clearly understand your vision for a new kitchen. And it means we can share our screens and walk through a 3D visualisation of your transformed room together.

How do I get to view the products? Do you have a showroom?

You can see any of our products directly in your kitchen – either virtually or in real life.


Instead of wasting money on a big fancy showroom that no-one really wants to visit, we invested in some amazing visualisation technology that brings your new kitchen to life in stunning, shiny 3D.


And if you’re more of the touchy feely type – and there’s nothing quite like running your hand along that perfect finish you’ve always wanted in your kitchen – we’ll post any sample you’d like – whether’s its a piece of door or a handle, a section of worktop or even an entire cabinet.

How do I place an order?

When you’ve chatted, planned, measured and seen your dream kitchen brought to life – and you’re completely happy with those designs – then it’s time to place your order.


We’ll send out a pack for you and your fitter to double check all measurements again, along with a kitchen acceptance order. Simply sign off on the designs with that form, and we’ll get everything to you so your fitter can get started.

What are your lead times?

We aim to have your new kitchen delivered to your door within 8 weeks. We might even be able to get it to you sooner if it’s all in stock.

How do I know when my kitchen will be delivered?

You’ll know exactly when to expect your new kitchen because our designers will be in touch with you throughout the whole process. They’ll be able to share a date as soon as your order, and will double check that date is still good for you a week before delivery.


Then the day before delivery, we’ll give you a more precise time-slot of when you can expect your new kitchen, so you’re not hanging around watching the clock.

Do you have a fitting service?

We don’t have a fitting service, so you’re free to choose any local trusted fitter you like. Many of our customers like to get a few different quotes from fitters, and we’re more than happy to sense check any quotes for you, helping you find the right fitter for the right value.

Do you provide instructions for installation?

Absolutely. We might not have a fitting service, but we send out a comprehensive fitting pack for your installers. It’ll have all the instructions and drawings they need, but just in case that isn’t enough, we’ll be sure to have a chat with them too.


And we’re always here to answer any questions or help in any way we can during the fit too.

How much is the deposit?

Trick question! There’s no deposit to pay. Nothing. We don’t ask for a single penny (unlike other companies) until we’ve fulfilled our end of the deal and delivered your brand spanking new kitchen directly to your door.

What method of payment can I use?

We have a secure online payment system for you to pay for your new kitchen when it’s delivered. You’ll find all the details there.

Do you offer finance?

We don’t currently offer finance, but we are working to find a provider we can work with. There are far too many finance companies that charge too much interest for our liking, so we’re looking for a fair and ethical partner to give you the best deal.

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