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Meet the designers! Our lovely team have 20 years of experience in interior design and kitchens. They will collaborate with you and work their magic to bring your ideas and inspiration to life. Find out more about them below!

Fearn Liston

Fearn studied Interior Design at the National Design Academy in Nottingham, before moving on to a Computer Aided Design course at Nottingham Trent University. This gave her a great understanding of colour theories, spatial awareness and the fundamentals of interior design, as well as keeping up to date with new technology.

After qualifying, she worked in a family run interior shop, before becoming an interior designer for a new build home company, designing bathrooms and bedrooms as well as kitchens.

‘At Smile Kitchens, I love to make the dream customer’s kitchen come to life. I ask questions about elements they may not have thought of, listen to their ideas and prioritise with them, to end up with their perfect kitchen.

Smile is different because we’re all designers, we’re passionate about what we do and all design driven. We really care about interior design, making the most of the space and all have great background knowledge and can really focus on function as well as looks.

Outside of work, I live in the countryside so I love long walks with my Pomeranian, and also riding my horse Dora! The textures and wildlife of nature are such a benefit of living in the country, they really inspire me, as well as finding inspiration on Insta and Pinterest, of course!

My favourite holiday was a roadtrip around Scotland, we climbed the Cairngorms, drove round Loch Ness, we had so many different experiences in just one trip. The landscapes really blew me away, from the mountains to the beaches, it was really inspirational.

In terms of trends, sleek black taps and handles are really becoming popular, so different to more traditional looks. We’re also seeing a lot of dark kitchens, forest green, ebony, navy blue. We’re also seeing a lot of sage green, which is great for me as it’s my favourite colour, I love it!’

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Zahraa Khan

Zahraa studied Spatial Design at UAO, the University of the Arts in London. Courses ranged from architecture to pattern design and fashion. She lived in London for some time. She enjoyed visiting exhibitions and galleries, to give her creative inspiration. Her favourite places to travel were Copenhagen and New York, because they’re completely different to being at home.

Shes like to follow architecture inspiration pages on Instagram. Her personal style favours colour and patterns, rich colours, tones of wood, and a 70s aesthetic or inspired by Art Deco. She loves the journey of chatting to the customer then them being really happy at the end of the process, based on what they like and love. She feels people like to escape to the kitchen, that it’s a social space and sanctuary within the home.

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Jane Thyeson

Jane has been a kitchen designer for 10 years, after studying Interior Design at university. She moved from South Wales to Manchester, and has travelled the world – Singapore was her favourite destination, for the architecture and clean lines. In her spare time she runs a paintball team!

In terms of inspiration, Jane spends time on Pinterest and Instagram, watching home TV shows and reading home magazines, but finds her best work comes from listening to the customer and coming up with designs together.

She likes to work together and find out what they want, if they have children, pets, what they like to do in the kitchen. Her favourite design style is fusion – traditional with a twist, or modern with traditional elements.

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Steven Filkins

Steven has been in the kitchen industry for over 16 years, straight from school, and has great technical and practical experience as well as product knowledge and how things work. He is a problem solver, likes to look at the layout and plan, his knowledge is ideal for layouts that are problematic and unusual. He likes to look at how the kitchen would work, before moving on to the design and finishes.

Steven has been in the kitchen industry for over 16 years, straight from school, and has great technical and practical experience as well as product knowledge and how things work.

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Dawn Raisbeck

Dawn studied Interior Design at college then at UCLan university, before moving into the creative industry. She has worked on kitchens before, gaining a good deal of experience on the technical and design side. She then spent some time working on student accommodation, pubs, hotels and restaurants.

The detail is key in kitchen design, because the functionality has to be correct as well as the design. Dawn has been with Smile from day 1, and finds that dealing with the customers inspires her, as they work together to get the best result. Dawn has a large family and friend group, and likes nothing better than company and laughter.

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