An experience to smile about?

If you’ve had a great experience with us, why not tell your friends and family and we’ll share out the smiles. Every recommendation = more rewards! Simply share your unique code and wait for the Smiles to flood in!

One code, unlimited smiles

When you start your new kitchen design, we’ll share your unique recommendation code right away. Use it as many times as you’d like to recommend Smile Kitchens to friends, family, landlords, work buddies, second-cousins twice removed, and that friend of a friend’s mum’s neighbour.

Anyone you like. And for every recommendation you make, we’ll give you £100, straight into your bank account.

Pay it forward

The brilliant thing about our recommendation program is you can use your code as often as you want and rack up your referral bonuses. Recommend 10 friends, get £1000. Recommend 30, get £3000.

It’s great for landlords, builders and property managers too! Keep referring new kitchens, keep getting rewards. That’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face!

The nitty gritty

We’ll transfer the £100 straight into your bank account when your friend or family member has their new kitchen delivered. (Or we’ll refund your loved one if you want to use your £100 towards their kitchen).

Don’t forget they also get £100 straight off their kitchen when your code is used against their Smile Kitchen.

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