We know everything we do affects our delicate ecosystem, so we’re trying our best to be as responsible and sustainable as possible with our approach to kitchens.

Tree we’ve planted so far…

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Indoor love, outdoor love

The world is our home, and its forests are our kitchen. They’re where all the action happens. They’re the hustle, the bustle and the places that feed us.

So when you buy a new kitchen from us, we give back to the planet. For every one kitchen, we plant five new trees. And then on your kitchenniversary (a year from when we deliver it), we plant another.

Better still, you can choose where to plant them – whether you want to help Chimpanzees in Uganda or go tropical with towering trees in the Amazon – and you’ll get your own (paperless) certificate to say the trees were planted on your behalf.

Starting small, aiming big

True sustainability starts with our mindset and habits. So we built a business that promotes sustainable work, with all our designers working from home (even before Covid-19) to eliminate their commute, and a virtual showroom that banishes an unnecessary carbon footprint.

And we help you start small too, with kitchen designs that boost storage space, cleverly positioning cupboards, drawers and appliances to help reduce food waste.

This is just the beginning

As committed as we are to reducing our environmental impact, of course we can do more. So we’re working hard to do everything we can, and we’re always looking for ways to meet our ultimate goal of zero net emissions for every kitchen sold. Whether it’s reducing the packaging we use to send out samples or optimising delivery routes for a more eco-friendly journey, we’ll keep looking for ways to bring a smile to our planet.
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